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A New Heart

New Heart is a church where the entire community can see and build life long relationships.  The Heart is truly a church family, so we make it our prerogative to ensure people feel welcomed and at ease when they walk in our doors.  We are convinced that building personal relationships that are real and lasting can be the first step to developing a life-long relationship with God.

From Ed Wallace (Advisory Team Member)

New Heart Christian Church will maintain a Benevolence Fund to set aside funds to be available for Church Members in the case of an emergency or other necessary resource. This fund will be separate from the normal operating funds for our Church, including its own checks and balances. The guidelines have been approved by the Church Leadership and the funds will be used according to biblical principles.

I am excited to head up this along with the advisory team at New Heart.  The advisory team and I will review all requests individually and will respond in what we believe to be the most appropriate manner.

As we begin this phase of our Church Ministry, please know that all requests to myself or other advisory team members will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Also we asked that those seeking help from New Hearts Benevolence Fund to forward a copy of the Benevolence Request Form to a member of the advisory team or any of the Church Leadership. The information on the form will be used to make decisions (forms available for download once a member has logged into the site).

As Chairman of the Benevolence Fund, I am asking for your prayers and support of this Ministry. The example given in Acts 2:44-45 tell us to be ready to help those in need. We are not asking this to replace your tithes. This will be gifts above the tithes that God requires of us. However, I ask that you only give if your heart is cheerful about giving. Again, gifts to the Fund will be will be separate from the regular Church operating account.

If you have any questions contact me through the church.


Ed Wallace,